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“Everyday may not be good, but there is good in every day”, is a quote I read today that possibly resonates with many of us currently.

I have been so surprised and delightfully amazed at people’s resilience and ability to adapt and change, with some even evolving in and around newfound opportunities.

This may be what separates many designers who are in it for the long haul.

I love all aspects of true dressmaking and what it takes to become a seamstress, dressmaker or tailor of note, with impeccable skills.

It takes a creative mind (for sure!), a lateral thinker and a problem solver to navigate some complexities various silhouettes may present.

Not to mention fabric reactions when working with pure silk, linens, cottons and cashmere.

Historically, Cape Town is renown for its skilled artisans in the garment industry.

This bodes well for all as we move towards a more favorable approach to keep this industry locally placed.

We should aspire to “less is more”, when taking into account all the processes involved in getting product to store.

Quality versus quantity should become an important factor for the consumer to consider when making a purchase.

This shows respect for the skill of the true artisan at work, so that they may receive appropriate earnings.

Recycling of fabric and the up-cycling of garments and software furnishings & accessories is the exact thinking all in this industry need to be aspire to.

This may also go a long way to reduce the enormous amount of landfill and its detrimental environmental affect.

Vintage stores popularity points to how some strive for nostalgia of a bygone era when clothes were made to last and often got passed down from the oldest to the youngest member in the family.

I genuinely have fond memories of this and considered it quite a privilege when it would be my turn to receive my older sisters’ ‘hand me downs’.

Both my sisters were super chic and the way they used to style their garments had me convinced that I was going to end up looking just as good!

Seemed like all the motivation I needed.

With extra time on our hands lately, I wonder how many have also found themselves cutting patterns, making masks, knitting, baking, cooking and reading more than ever before.

Learning new technology as we work more remotely and finding Zoom an extremely useful tool keeping us all connected, especially family and all loved ones.

I have the added task of trying to hide from my daughter (fitness guru), who has decided to take me on as her ‘pet project’ for the endless fitness classes circling.

Grateful for the reprieve now as we are allowed to resume exercise and lovely long walks again.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and would love to hear from you with your thoughts .

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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