Costume Design


MfashionProjects costume design team is responsible for creating, styling and supplying the desired look and feel for actors and actresses in film, television and stage productions. The team has a thorough understanding of film, production, theatre and fashion design. This understanding allows us to meet the required brief and vision.

Our in-house design studio builds the foundation for creating these costumes. Having our own studio allows us to be organised, manage time restraints and be aware of costs.

Our pattern making service is well experienced in the realization of theatrical, futuristic and period costumes.

We specialise in bespoke costumes design making with costume fabricators and special breakdown finishes.

We have the ability to be flexible as well as work under pressure to meet deadlines.

Many years in the industry has added great value to the service we offer. We have efficient research skills and plenty knowledge of costume history as well as the ever changing modern fashion trends.

Apart from having the ability create costumes from scratch we also have an extensive database of designers, wardrobe houses and fashion stores we can source from.

In addition we have a mobile seamstress service for any sewing, alteration or repair reconstruction to garments on site/location.



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